Commercial Plumbers & Heating

Here at F and P plumbing as one of the leading commercial and domestic plumbing and heating companies in Birmingham and the Midlands, we can offer a variety of commercial plumbers and heating services to all manner of businesses. Our vastly experienced team with over 20 years of experience be it a small start, a large global company or a landlord we can cater to all.

Commercial Heating

F and P plumbing pride themselves on there reputation for high standards of work and customer care. We can offer a variety of commercial heating services and have provided commercial heating solutions throughout many different industries, working to different criteria and different magnitude of jobs. Working along different brands such as Viessmann, Baxi Vaillant, Bosch to name a few gives us the capability to be able to expand into different industries, our commercial heating boiler installation for example is now available for shops, offices, landlords, schools, nursing home and many more.

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As well as all this with our specialist team of expert gas safe accredited engineers equipped to help with any emergency or problem, we provide an on call 24/7 boiler service to provide repairs and maintenance work for any issue.

Commercial Plumbers

The plumbing and drainage system of a commercial company are commonly used a lot more frequently than in a domestic setting. Whether it be the hustle and bustle in the office or the large capacity of a school the drainage system would be under high demand daily. Therefore, the last thing a commercial company would need is a drainage problem delaying the day to day running of the company.  Getting in contact with commercial plumbers can give you a quick and professional solutions for your problems.

Commercial Plumbers Services

As a recognised and experienced provider of commercial plumbing and heating services throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, F and P commercial plumbers have the knowledge and specialise to handle any plumbing issue or emergency you may have. Therefore, our plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that our fully qualified commercial plumbers are always there on call when you need us most happy to help and cater to your needs.

Commercial Plumbers’ Services Include:

  • Bathroom installationF&P Plumbing 2
  • Kitchen appliance installation
  • Shower plumbing
  • Leak repairs
  • Toilet repairs
  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked drainage
  • 24/7 qualified plumber call out



Use a Limo to Get to your prom or special night in style

Wedding Car Hire – Things To Consider

Football ground wedding car hire
Football ground weddings

Choosing the right car for a wedding is often one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning process; from vintage Rolls Royces to modern Chrysler limos, the range available is huge and many wedding car hire companies are more than capable of providing the perfect car for your wedding just like Birmingham limo company manns Limousines.

A chauffeur-driven luxury car is one of the many traditions surrounding the nuptials, and the sight of the bride arriving at the church in a beautiful classic car will be one of the enduring memories for all attending. Many wedding car for hire companies will provide their services for far less than one would expect and it can be one of the cheaper features of making the day perfect for the bride and groom and memorable for their friends and families.

Traditional wedding car hire

Considerations to be made when choosing a car for a wedding are mostly stylistic. Is the traditional wedding style or is it going for more of a contemporary look? If a traditional wedding is the order of the day, the classic stylings of Rolls Royce or Bentley vehicles will be a fitting choice. If the celebration is of a more contemporary style, many wedding car for hire companies will offer a range of modern luxury cars to suit.

Another thing that needs to be thought about when choosing a car for a wedding is space. Classic Rolls Royce cars, for example, have a famously large interior and feature full opening doors, making them ideal if the bride’s dress is very decorative and takes up a lot of space. More modern vehicles, though looking sleek and stylish, tend to be more compact and don’t have as much room on the inside.

Available Limo Hire Birmingham Options

Many wedding car for hire companies will also offer cars in a variety of colours. Though finding a pink Rolls Royce is not something that’s likely to happen, it is possible to find a car which doesn’t clash with the colour theme of the wedding. Most vehicles will stick to the classic colours of black, white or silver and it is a good idea to consider hiring a car in one in of these colours because they will go with anything. More modern-styled cars tend to be easier to find in a range of colours, so if a more contemporary wedding is wanted, a car could well be available in a colour complementing or matching the theme.

It’s easier than ever to find a wedding car hire business or a limo hire Birmingham company to provide the perfect vehicle. With several companies in most areas and many offering quotes over the internet, one of the most enjoyable parts of planning the day is now one of the easiest too.